Size guide

Ring sizer

If you want a perfect measurement, ask your local jeweler to help you or buy a ring sizer online. SARA.BE rings size refers to the USA/CANADA system.

Here is some advice to get a good fit.
Weather and temperature affect our mood and our fingers size, too: measure your fingers at different times of the day, better in the evening, when fingers can swell. When measuring the size, always remember that knuckles are usually wider, beware that thicker rings feel tighter than thinner ones.

We guarantee to send the size ordered, but we cannot be responsible for conversions or fittings if you order the wrong size.

A proper ring sizer or a jeweler help is always the best option, but in the meantime here you have a cheat sheet that can help you.

Click HERE to open "ring size chart" as a printable PDF.

Necklace size chart

Here you have a cm/inch conversion of different necklace lengths and an idea of what the fit would be.
I suggest you to cut a string to match the necklace length that you’d like to buy and to try it on yourself.