Who's Sara.Be

I grew up looking at hands manipulating gold with love and dedication every day.
In my mom's studio I could watch to the creation of precious metal messages, each one of them destined to tell stories unknown to me, far away.

I was a curious child and I dreamed of knowing those lives, of having a part in the narrative.
From my mom, I inherited all of my passion for jewelry. I chose to work in the sales office, just in order to have the opportunity to travel.

One day, someone told me that the reason why people travel a lot is either to get lost or to find themselves. For 20 years, I got lost and spent my time observing people I met, listening to their different visions of the world, spending time with them and looking for the key to give meaning and shape to these differences using my creativity.


Today, I’ve found myself, I create my collections thinking about how many different faces we have, how much magic and richness there is in this diversity and I want my jewelry to talk about each of these shades. My goal is to offer a way to express your personality, your mood, your way of shining.
My great desire is to see my jewelry worn by people who express themselves and follow their dreams with freedom and great natural ease.

This is me, Sara.[Let me]Be.   

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs ... ask yourself what makes you happy and then do it. The world needs happy people”.
The Little Prince


We design and create our jewelry. This allows us to guarantee quality control of the finished product and all of the steps in its creation, from gold supply to shipping.

I strongly believe that any small effort can lead to a much bigger change. As a mother of two, I can’t ignore the impact of my job, both on the people involved in my business and on the planet.

I try to teach my kids to be respectful and loyal to their ideals. What I can do-and I do it- is choosing to craft my products using an ethical supply chain.


Our packaging is made of natural fibre and certified recycled paper, entirely Made in Italy.